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Agrometeorological Applications


3D s.a. , which is a pioneer and unique company in Europe engaging in weather modification systems and rural aerial applications in Agriculture (aerial spraying and fertilization) since 1976, has originated and implements a Integrated Information System (IIS) to timely inform the farmers protecting their crops.
This is an innovative service, which is supported by modern equipment (weather radar, dense network of agrometeorological stations, drones) providing exclusive data to the company, local weather forecasts autonomy and highly qualified personnel (meteorologists, agronomists).

The IIS:

  • is able to give forecasts, with great precision, for adverse  weather conditions
  • is able to inform about the occurrence of important pests of crops
  • but also to provide guidelines for the proper irrigation management in order to save water, providing valuable information for Integrated Crop Protection.

The farmers are now informed not only about the upcoming risks but also about the actions that can be taken to mitigate them.

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